Concealed Shading Solutions


If you’re struggling to decide to install inside or outside the windows recess, why not just have a concealed track instead as a shading solution?  Every window comes with its own unique needs that require a tailored solution. Here, at Shading Specialists, we understand the intricacies of window recesses. That’s…

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Modern Venetian Blinds


All you need to know about Modern Venetian Blinds Styles Modern Venetian Blinds have the benefit of providing privacy without completely restricting your view. Held together by corded or tapped fabrics, the Venetian blind is a popular window treatment because of its versatility, affordability and durability. They come in many…

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Case study: University of Warwick

A closed diaz blind

Faculty of Arts University of Warwick As specialists, we often work across the country in stunning residential homes and beautiful commercial builds. Our craft sees us liaising with industry-leading construction firms and architects to overcome logistical challenges by providing innovative solutions. In addition, we also provide services to schools and…

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Case study: Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square Development – Central London By Developer Lodha We were selected to work on the show flats for the Lincoln Square projects, which included a number of Silent Gliss 6465, 6243 and 5600 tracks, a mixture of manual and electrically-operated products and fabrics for these were selected and procured…

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