Cord Operated Curtain Tracks


Silent GlissPrice Bracket: £££Product Code: 3000 Technical PDF
Strong and elegant, the most attractive corded track available. Enclosed cord channels – the cord cannot slip out, making it the perfect choice for bay windows. Can be corded both ends.
Silent GlissPrice Bracket: ££Product Code: 3840 Technical PDF
Purpose designed for ceiling fixing – neat, attractive track. Ideal for domestic or contract work. Also can be used as a room divider – same appearance both sides.
Silent GlissPrice Bracket: ££Product Code: 3870 Technical PDF
Versatile curtain track, suitable for medium-weight applications. Bendable track and recess profile, with 2C glider technology. Can be fitted on ceiling, wall or recess.
Silent GlissPrice Bracket: ££Product Code: 3900 Technical PDF
Strong and elegant, the most attractive heavy duty track available. Roller gliders glide on rim of front channel – no dust and minimum friction. Eye of glider is thrown forward to avoid friction with curtain heading yet remains in perfect balance.
Silent GlissPrice Bracket: £££Product Code: 6200 Technical PDF
Unbeatably efficient with effortless closing of curtains up to 70kg in weight and up to 15m in length or more. Heavy duty pulleys and Delrin rollers. For very heavy curtains for small stages, conference rooms, sports halls etc, and very heavy domestic curtains.
Silent GlissPrice Bracket: £££Product Code: 6370 Technical PDF
Discreet heavy-duty track system with twin channel for infinite overlap. Cost effective system for small stages, very heavy contract and domestic use. Heavy curtains up to 70kg and width up to 15m.