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When it comes to shading solutions Lutron blinds are a good option. They apply their expertise in electrical systems to make silent, energy-efficient and reliable products suitable for the most demanding projects. Their range includes blinds, curtains and tracks that can be integrated with AV systems for the highest level of control and comfort.

Product range

We supply and install the following products:

Projects with Lutron

This is a selection of diverse projects where we have used Lutron products. These include roller blinds, curtain tracks and Serena Honeycomb Shades.

Whether you want to manage lights in a single room or throughout your house, their solutions provide you with complete control over the environment with simple touch control.

In buildings around the country, we have installed electric curtain tracks and automated shade technologies. They are an excellent option for managing light in any environment. Lutron designs and manufactures wired and wireless lighting control systems.

There are several significant advantages to owning a Lutron lighting control system over its competitors, which are as follows:

Saving Energy and Money – All Dimmer systems on the market are specifically intended to save energy and money.
Productivity – Their lighting control systems and automatic shades improve comfort and happiness, which leads to increased productivity.
Light Sources – They offer a unique solution for every electronic or natural light problem. Also, they provide devices that dim all light sources and are adapted to any demand. As a result,  giving the consumer the freedom to select the light source of their choice.
Technology – Their devices may be operated manually or remotely using a cell phone, PDA, laptop, iPod, or universal remote control.

Finally, at Shading Specialists, we have a large selection of Lutron products to meet every need or purpose.

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