Vertical Blinds

At Shading Specialists, we offer high-quality Vertical Blinds paired with premium operating systems to give our clients the desired window treatment. We can offer luxurious, bespoke electrical Vertical Blinds, Crank operated vertical blinds and manual Vertical Blinds, including Silent Gliss and Diaz systems.  Also, there is a wide range of fabrics to choose from.

Internal Vertical Blinds in Office

Vertical Blind Systems

Chain Operated

Chain-operated blinds have a practical operation mechanic that gives the user complete lighting control. This operations function is helpful for those with restricted access to the blind. Undoubtedly, the lightweight louvres glide smoothly along the track, controlling the blind by pulling the chain for ease of use.

Crank Operated

Crank-operated blinds provide a quick, detachable operation method that leaves the window recess clear and clean for a modern look. Also, the gear mechanism allows the user to switch from tilting the louvers to drawing the blind open or closed.

Electrically Operated Vertical Blinds

For ultimate convince, electrically operated blinds are perfect for creating balanced lighting and privacy window treatment solution. Ideal for large windows, including bifold doors. Because of their motorised function, they can cover large areas by drawing the blinds closed with a wall switch or remote.

Our Vertical Blind Partners

Silent Gliss

Depending on the project, we would recommend either 2810, 2900, or 2950 Silent Gliss systems for their reliability and high-quality system design. We partner with Silent Gliss because their premium products are the best on the market. Therefore, this makes them the most desired shading solution available.

They offer a range of chain-operated, crank-operated or electrically operated blinds, controlled via a wall switch or remote control. Additionally, the electrical blinds have the option for AV Home Automation systems integration.

3D Wave Vertical Blinds White

Shading Specialists exclusively represent Diaz across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Diaz is a competitor in the high-end shading solutions market. Their vast product range is exceptionally cost-effective and reliable, perfect for modern residences.

They offer a collection of chain operated and electrically operated blinds. Additionally, their binds are operated via wall switch or remote control and integrated into smart-home systems.

Internal Vertical Blinds

Why Choose Vertical Blinds?

These shades are a staple in U.K residences. The timeless design is an effortless way to achieve a simple, contemporary aesthetic in your home or office. Perfect for bay windows or conservatories, they offer the user complete shading control by opening, tilting or closing the shade easily. Additionally, provide complete privacy without restricting the view from your window.

The benefits come in abundance with their added insulation, therefore reducing heating costs while creating thermal comfort within the home.

Furthermore, our range includes patterned, voile, blackout, faux-wood and PVC. To achieve maximum results, Our bespoke fabric makers can design a one-of-a-kind unique to your project.

Are you looking for Vertical Blinds? Our collection of made-to-measure, modern blinds is the perfect shading solution for any project. Contact us today for your free quote.