Venetian Blinds

Shading Specialists have multiple options when it comes to Venetian Blind Systems. Our luxurious range of contemporary Venetian Blinds features industry-leading products from our partners Silent Gliss, Lutron and Diaz. These premium Venetian Blinds come in Aluminium, Wooden and Leather finishes with Chain-Operated, Mono-Control-Operated, Battery-Operated and Electrically-Operated controls.

Silent Gliss Venetian Blinds

We stock a wide range of Silent Gliss Venetian Blinds for comprehensive cover that caters to different window types. This extensive range includes different material types such as Aluminium, Wood and Leather designs. They also have a unique Mono Control System whereby you have one control to open, close and adjust the slat angle. We can also pair the Venetian Blinds with matching headrail covers and slats for a completed look. These systems include:  81108110PC8250830089108960.

Silent Gliss Venetian Blinds
Diaz Venetian Blinds

Diaz Venetian Blinds offers an exceptionally clean finish as the horizontal lines create a tautness that underlines the modernity of the blind. Our range of Diaz Venetian Blinds comes in various slat widths and is available in different Aluminium and Wooden finishes.

Diaz Venetian Blinds come with either ladder cord or ladder tapes; additionally, The Venetian Blinds come with a straight, rounded or convex valance for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Diaz Venetian Blinds

Why Choose Venetian Blinds

Our range of modern Venetian Blinds systems covers different manual and electric operations, which offer further benefits to your window.

The Manual Venetian Blind is an affordable, durable and versatile window treatment. By pulling the cord or chain, you can raise and lower the lightweight Venetian Blind; additionally, to control light, by using the wand or cord operation, you can tilt the louvre to create shade and privacy.

The Electric Venetian Blind range can be controlled by an app, wall switch or remote to raise, lower and tilt the louvre for complete shading control.

Venetian Blind’s innovative design allows the modern window treatments to provide complete Venetian Blind’s innovative design allows the stylish window treatment to provide complete privacy without completely blocking the view.

Shading Specialists exquisite, reliable and high-end range of modern Venetian Blind systems offers a contemporary finish, adding a sense of luxury to your home décor. Our Venetian Blinds are perfect for those desiring a stylish window treatment, upkeeping with modern architecture.

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