Sliding Panels

For Sliding Panel system, we offer a mix of Silent Gliss and Diaz window treatments for extensive coverage to meet different shading requirements. The Sliding panels are a  fashionable alternative to traditional blinds, evoking a clean, ultra-modern aesthetic.

Our expert installation team can install flat or folded Sliding Panels on straight or curved tracks. While we offer Silent Gliss and Diaz fabrics, if you require something more bespoke, our professional team are here to help. In addition, we offer a complete fabric service that hand make made-to-measure Sliding Panel Blinds that meets your exact needs, which can be mounted to Silent Gliss and Diaz systems if required.

Orange Sliding Panels

Our Slinding Panel Brands

Silent Gliss Sliding Panel system

We offer a extensive range of Silent Gliss Sliding Panel blinds is ideal for interiors with lots of glass. Our expert recommendation would be the Silent Gliss 264026502700 and 2730 systems. This wide range covers, cord, draw rod and crank operations. Additionally, they come in battery and electrically operations that can be controlled via an app, radio remote or wall switch.

They are available as hardware only or as a complete system with panels manufactured from Silent Gliss’ fabric range.

Diaz Sliding Panel System
Diaz Sliding Panel system

Our Diaz range can be mounted inside or outside the window opening, depending on the client’s preference.

The Sliding Blinds are layered to prevent gaps from forming in between the panels to stop intrusive sunlight from entering the room. Also, its clever profile design means the PVC material tempers the notice, making for a silent operation when opening or drawing the sliding panels closed.

Silent Gliss Sliding Panel System

Why Choose Sliding Panels?

These blinds have a unique quality due to their versatility. Our luxurious range of Panel Blinds pairs well with large windows. Additionally, they work as efficacious room dividers. This means they are perfect for those desiring a Japandi-themed interior design. Also they are made from lightweight materials so they can glide smoothly along the tracks. Their airy presence makes for a clean and contemporary shading treatment, ideal for modern homes.

When the panel Blind is open, the panels neatly stack to let in natural light. The sliding panel creates stunning, layered views due to its three-dimensional design. The Symmetrical and asymmetrical stacking feature de-clutters the space surrounding the window to get the most out of your space.

If you are looking for a new Sliding Panel System, Contact us today for your free Sliding Panel quote.