Roman Blinds

Here, at Shading Specialists, we offer an extensive, versatile range of bespoke Roman Blinds systems. This selection includes Chain Operated, Battery Operated Roman Blinds and Electrically Operated Roman Blinds. By liaising with industry-leading Blinds manufacturers such as Silent Gliss, Diaz and Lutron, we’re able to supply our clients with premium systems at great prices.

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Our Roman Blind Brands

Silent Gliss Roman Blinds

These are an ideal window treatment in spaces needing a softer shading solution. Silent Gliss manual Blinds come with a beaded chain for easy operation that is ideally suited for ceiling or wall installation, which fits inside or outside the windows recess. Additionally, the extensive range features battery and electric systems for those seeking a sense of luxury.

Systems available 20202120232023302345 and 2350. Each code represents a different product. Available as hardware only or as a complete blind with fabrics from the Silent Gliss range.

Roman Blinds in Modern Setting
Diaz Roman Blinds

Our range of Diaz shading solutions includes the premium Piano, Mars, Ultima, EliteExtrema, Elite Battery Operated and Extrema Electro systems. Pairing the technologically advanced designs with Diaz’s fabric range covers all shading requirements. The materials include transparent materials, light filtering textiles and dim-out fabrics.

Pure Roman Blinds
Lutron Roman Blinds

We recommend the Lutron 64 if you are looking for Lutron Blinds. This system is suitable for sloping or horizontal applications up to 2.4m wide. Additionally, it keeps the fabric taught and parallel to windows proving ideal for skylights and angled windows. Lutron Roman Blinds can be mounted inside the recess, inside mount or surface mounted.

Dark Roman shades with Mix Fabric
Shading Specialists Workroom

In addition, we provide a complete Roman Blind making service in our workroom using your own fabric choice. Our bespoke Roman Blind systems are made from the finest fabrics and include many benefits that suit any room’s décor. Also, we can offer either machine or handmade Roman Blinds, made with care in our UK-based workroom.


Why Choose Roman Blinds?

These blinds are an excellent way to provide texture to large windows because the pleated design adds depth when drawn for a layered look. Furthermore, the Roman Blind lining options allow us to custom-make a blind to fit your shading requirements. Whether you want soft lighting to protrude through the fabric or completely blackout your room, Shading Specialists can supply made-to-measure Roman Blind systems that meet your exact needs.