Roman Blinds

Shading Specialists offer a wide range of Roman Blinds from leading manufacturers such as Silent Gliss, Diaz and Lutron.

Diaz Roman Blinds
Silent Gliss Roman Blinds

Systems available 202021202320233023452350. Each code represents a different product.
Available as Hardware only or as a complete blind with fabric from the Silent Gliss range.

Roman Blinds in Modern Setting
Diaz Roman Blinds

Systems available Piano, Mars, Ultima, EliteExtremaElite Battery OperatedExtrema Electro.

Available as Hardware only or as a complete blind with fabric from Diaz’s extensive range of fabrics.

Pure Roman Blinds
Lutron Roman Blinds

System available: Lutron 64. This is suitable for sloping or horizontal applications up to 2.4m wide. Keeps the fabric taught and parallel to windows proving ideal for skylights and angled windows. Can be mounted inside recess, inside mount or surface mounted.

Dark Roman Blinds with Mix Fabric
Shading Specialists Workroom

We also offer a full Roman Blind making service in our own workroom using your own choice of fabric. We offer either machine or handmade Roman Blinds, made with care in our large UK-based workroom. These can be mounted on any SilentGliss or Diaz Roman Blind Headrail, or on our own Headrail.

Cascade Roman Blind
Cascade Roman Blind
Standard Roman Blind
Standard Roman Blind
Gray Roman Blinds