Pleated Blinds

At Shading Specialists, we offer a diverse range of Pleated Blinds to meet our client’s needs. We combine high-end shading systems and pair them with luxury fabric types to create the perfect shading solution.

Our systems work particularly well when installed for vertical windows, sloping windows, skylights and conservatories.

White Pleated Blinds in Bath Cell Preset

Pleated Roof Blinds


Our range of pleated roof blinds is an effective all-year-round shading solution. Their innovative design offers essential UV protection during the summer months while providing warming thermal insulation during colder seasons, perfect for spaces such as conservatories.

For harder-to-reach spaces, our range of manual pleated blinds and electric pleated blind solutions mean you can operate them by wand, crank or motor for easy operation.

Pleated Window Blinds


Pleated window blinds are a simple, effective window treatment for those seeking a single-layered system for a clean contemporary interior. This optimal privacy window treatment neatly folds away when drawn closed to avoid occupying additional window space.

Furthermore, they have the benefit of being operated in a top-down-bottom-up function. For further convenience, our pleated blind systems can be electrically operated and controlled by an app, wall switch or remote for ease of use.

Our Pleated Blind Brands

Silent Gliss

We work with our partners, Silent Gliss, to provide lightweight materials, easy operative systems and efficiently fitted blinds for maximum visibility and sufficient heating control. We supply numerous Silent Gliss systems to offer our clients the perfect pleated blind treatment for their homes.

Also, there is a wide range of fabrics available from screen to blackout fabric. We can provide quotes and specifications upon request. Please feel free to contact us.


Are you looking for custom-made systems at cost-effective pricing? We would recommend Diaz’s pleated blinds. We can offer Diaz plissé and honey cell; this energy-saving system is ideal for those desiring an eco-friendly pleated blind option. We can provide quotes and specifications upon request. Please feel free to contact us.

Dark Gray Plisse Pleated Blinds

Lutron Serena cellular blinds offer incredible value at an affordable price backed by the quality of the Lutron brand. These blinds feature Triathlon power technology, which provides a 3-year battery life, so your blinds will work for years before you need to replace the batteries. As they are controlled by a remote, you can adjust them from anywhere in the room.

Purple Pleated Blind

Why Choose Pleated Blinds?

Our premium pleated blind systems are a versatile window treatment, which practical design means they are suitable for all property types.

Our pleated blind systems control natural lighting, which tailors how much light is entering the property to meet your required shading specification. Its design diffuses harsh light and allows soft lighting to fill the room without blocking the sunlight to provide a bright and airy aesthetic. Alternatively, if you like the pleated blind design but want a blackout system, our expert fabrics team can craft a blackout pleated blind to provide further shading for your property.

Are you looking for a new Pleated Blind system? Contact us today for your free quote.