Dimout and blackout blinds can either allow soft light in or completely block out light from entering the home. Because of this feature, these shading solutions create calming, relaxing and peaceful environments within the property.

Shading Specialists offer a full range of dimout and blackout blinds. Dimout blinds are installed with a headbox fixed into the side channels, meaning the fabric of the blind covers the entire length of the windows recess. When paired with a dense, blackout fabric, they can block light completely. With conventional roller blinds, the sun shines through the sides of the blind, while this option provides a full blackout solution. For further information, why not look at our technical PDFs for how our systems look and operate : Chain Operated Dim-out / Blackout Blinds and Electrically Operated Dim-out / Blackout Blinds


Chain Operated Blackout Blinds

Silent-gliss dimout
Silent Gliss Blinds

We stock multiple Silent Gliss systems because they are technically advanced, chain-operated dimout blind systems. Their click-in side profile design allows easy installation and can fit them inside or outside the windows recess. The silent gliss manual range contains 4710, 4730, and 4740 that are similar in style and operation but have different weight limits that will determine our recommendation for the project.

Shy Shading Manual Systems

We liaise with commercial blind specialists, Shy Shading, to provide our customers with premium dimout blinds. The SHY ZIP® Screen range is an effective dimout system as the fabric is retained in the ZIP® channels, allowing the blinds to glide through the channel, making it possible to install long and narrow blinds.

Shy dimout blinds

Electrically Operated Dimout/ Blackout Systems

White Dim-out Blinds
Lutron Electrical Systems

For electrical systems, we recommend Lutron intelligent shading systems. The motors are housed within the shade’s assembly, which controls movement, position and adjustment of the blind to meet your preference. We offer Lutron 100, 150, 225 and 64 systems because of the pinpoint accuracy and silent operation.

Silent Gliss Systems

The Silent Gliss electric systems feature an integrated radio receiver, so the blind operation control through a remote. Additionally, you can use an app to lower or raise the shades, which offers a sense of luxury by allowing you to operate the blinds even when away from home.

Silent Gliss Blackout system

Dimout Blinds

When it comes to internal blinds, we think about blocking light. However, dimout blinds are designed to diffuse light, preventing harsh and potentially damaging light from protruding through the material. Instead, it creates soft light to fill the room for a relaxing vibe. Ideal for stairways and hallways, the dimout blind comes in many designs and operations.

Blackout Blinds

Using coated, dense materials, the blackout blind stops light coming through the fabric to darken a room. Likewise, blackout blinds sit and operate the same as other window treatments. Commonly found in bedrooms, the blackout blind is the perfect privacy solution to give you peace of mind and a night of undisturbed sleep.