Conservatory Blinds

Shading Specialists offer a full range of conservatory window blinds and roof blinds for every application. We pride ourselves on our diverse knowledge and experience in this field. Therefore enabling us to offer a full, comprehensive range of conservatory blinds such as: Electric or Manual Pleated Window and Roof Blinds, Electric or Manual Roller Window and Roof Blinds, Electric or Manual Linoleum Window and Roof Blinds and Electric or Manual Timberdrape Window and Roof Blinds.

Conservatory Blinds
Conservatory Pleated Blind Systems

Pleated conservatory blinds are a perfect window treatment for roof and sloping windows. The pleated conservatory blind can be drawn open or closed to get the full view from your conservatory window. Conservatory pleated blind’s clever design means the roof blind system takes up less window space when compared to alternative window treatments.


Conservatory Roller Blind System

Our premium roller roof blind systems are an excellent conservatory window treatment for your home. Providing essential shading, the roof roller blind is ideal for an uncluttered look that works perfectly in contemporary homes.

This luxury conservatory blind system comes in electrical or manual operations that eliminate the need for support cables. Additionally, we can offer more unique conservatory shading solutions such as electric or manual linoleum window and roof blinds and electric or manual timberdrape window and roof blinds.

Our Conservatory Blinds Brands


For a luxury conservatory blind system, we recommend the SilentGliss 8500  pleated blind to our clients. This premium window treatment comes in many operations such as cord-operated, chain-operated, handle-operated, crank-operated, or electric-operated, showcasing its versatility.

This type of conservatory blind is ideal for rectangular or uniquely shaped windows. If considering large conservatory blind systems, the Silent Gliss 8500 pleated blind system is operated via a wall switch or remote control for ease of use.

Diaz Blinds

Diaz also offers a wide range of blinds that are available in chain-operated or electrically-operated systems. These can also be supplied for shaped windows, making them the perfect shading solution for a unique conservatory window. Bespoke, made to measure conservatory blinds are also available for those in need of specific window treatments for your conservatory.

Yellow and Gray Conservatory Blinds

Why Choose Conservatory Blinds?

A conservatories design allows lots of light into the property, therefore is made with large amounts of glass. While practical, this design can come with complications, as regulating the temperature within the property can prove challenging. Prolonged sun exposure and difficulty insulating bare windows can be costly when trying to achieve thermal comfort. Incorporating conservatory blinds and conservatory roof blinds can be a great addition to your home for an effective shading solution.

These are just a small example of our full range when it comes to conservatories. Contact our team of specialists today for your free quote on luxury conservatory blinds.