Internal Blinds are available in a variety of styles, systems and operations. In a saturated market, it can be hard to find a window treatment that will meet your exact needs.

At Shading Specialists, we liaise with industry-leading manufacturers such as Silent Gliss, Velux, Diaz, Lodha, SHY, Lutron and Blindspace. Above all, our aim is to provide customers with a reliable and luxurious range of blinds ideal for your home.

Internal Blinds Operation Systems

Crank Operated

Crank-operated blinds remove the need for cords and chains by replacing them with a durable and detachable magnetic crank for a clean look.

Chain operated

Chain-operated internal blinds are a clean, effective and easy window treatment to use and are suitable for all window types. Also, all chain-operated blinds come with safety devices to keep the chain fixed against the wall to prevent accidents.

Wand Operated

By removing the need for cables, wand-operated blinds are a sleek shade solution. Furthermore, Its simple design allows you to control vertical and Venetian blinds by tilting the shades and twisting the wand.

Electric operated

Electric blinds are some of the most desired on the market. Because of how they work, the blind may be lowered or lifted instantly through remote control. Besides, their convivence offers a sense of luxury for relaxed, shading solutions.

Battery Operated

Battery-powered blinds are an elegant option for automated blinds as the battery pack eliminates the need for wiring an electrical supply. Also, the batteries are long-lasting and easily replaced for low maintenance.

Wired operated

Hardwired electrical blinds are the most premium blinds on the market. They can connect with smart-home systems to operate the blinds by app or remote. As well as that, their electrically powered operation makes them suitable for large windows, raising fabrics conveniently.

Product range


Bespoke Internal Blinds

Here, at Shading Specialists, we provide bespoke blinds for unique projects. Furthermore, our expert fabric makers handmake roman blinds, roller blinds and many more. We, on the other hand, meet the needs to people who require a one-of-a-kind design.

Why Choose Internal Blinds

The reason why is that Internal blinds come with numerous benefits that make your house a home. Also, they offer essential UV protection to maintain the colour of your wall paints and furniture. In conclusion, our extensive range of internal blinds means we can offer our clients a premium window treatment.