Vertical awnings

Large windows come with benefits but can present some unique challenges. Sunlight can damage furniture, fade paintwork and can be a general nuisance. Therefore, our luxury Vertical Awnings are the perfect shading solution to solve this problem.

The Vertical blind is installed externally above the window frame to maintain your view. Our systems, whether operated manually or electrically, have a sturdy profile that can resist all sorts of weather situations.

Drop-arm awning

Drop-Arm Awnings provide optimal vertical shading coverage as opposed to traditional awnings with horizontal projections. The Drop-Arm Awning takes a modern twist on Retractable Awning Systems by pivoting the extruding arm. The innovative design element let you adjust the awnings angle for optimal shading. Our Drop-Arm Awnings have been tried and tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 30pmh (Beaufort 6). Available in different textile materials and colours, the Drop-Arm style will add a classic touch to your windows.

luxury Vertical awnings
Triangular awning

Triangular Awnings are unique shading systems made from flexible fabrics and have a dynamic design profile, which makes for a contemporary window treatment. They are fitted with made-to-measure UV protection and use tear-resistant tensioning cords to ensure complete protection and stability. Also, this design is a bespoke awning that solves unique window designs for specialised conservatory layouts. Finally, the round cassette and tensioning system add further flexibility and functionality to this unique awning system.


Why Choose Vertical awnings?

Vertical Awnings are the ideal alternative to internal blinds by keeping the recess of your window clear. They control precisely how much light you want to ensure the perfect natural lighting in your home. Additionally, the textile shading style provided by our Vertical Awnings Systems will also let you control your privacy.

At Shading Specialists, we work with premium awning suppliers to provide our customers with elite Vertical Awnings Systems. Therefore, our comprehensive range of Markilux and Weinor will cover all your shading needs.

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