Patio awnings

This range of awnings provides the perfect atmosphere when you want to relax and have a cool drink on your patio or balcony. Made from weather-resistant, versatile materials, they will accompany you through the seasons.

There’s a wide variety to pick from here. You have your pick of pergola-style awnings that give you extra shade in summer, cassette awnings made for the season or steel patio awnings that never go dull.

Pergola awnings

Providing expansive cover for areas up to 30 m2, these will give you plenty of cover for your patio or balcony. Apart from being sleek and stylish, they also afford you great protection, being able to withstand winds up to Beaufort 6.

You can opt for a compact version if you don’t have as much space. The combination of simple style and cover enhanced by its slender support posts will add a sleek look to your small patio.

Patio awnings
Cassette awnings

If you prefer to maintain your awnings only during specific seasons, you’ll love cassette awnings. They provide ample light and shade during summer and can be easily retracted into a well-designed, built-in casing. They also come in compact sizes for your small patio.

Steel patio awnings

These unique awnings are made completely from matt-brushed, marine-grade steel. Perfect for locations with special climatic conditions that require firm cover, they will provide all-weather protection for your patio.