Open spaces

Open Spaces, Awnings have always been thought about in the context of building-attached structures. But when your building façade is in danger of being overused, you can turn to these excellent solutions for open space awnings.
They are perfect for large-scale shade in private and professional settings and can be placed anywhere without connecting to any building. Supported by four slender poles rigged into the ground, they provide every benefit you can enjoy from pergola awnings.
And they give you the added advantage of flexible use anywhere on your property. So, fancy putting up an awning right in the middle of your garden? Then you need to look more closely at these styles.

Folding arms awning

When you are pressed for space but have just enough to give you ideas, folding arms awnings may be just what you need. Able to work within the minimum of space requirements, they provide functional protection from the elements and loads of style you won’t believe.

Open spaces
Parasol awning

Is saving space your main goal? Then the parasol awning will provide all you need. It comes with a free-standing, aluminium awning stand system that only needs space for one round support post. Extremely practical and stylish, it also comes in a flex version than can be rotated in line with the direction of the elements.

Modular frame system awning

The possibilities are even wider with the modular frame system. Capable of being installed on almost any type of building, they offer sun and weather protection over large areas. Thinking of having your wedding in a tent by the sea? Don’t let the summer sun make you sweat. These awnings will turn your sweltering tent into the perfect breezy seaside resort you dreamt it would be.