Open spaces

Awnings come in different system types, but did you know awnings can stand alone without being installed on the home? Open Space Awnings are the ideal solution for when your building façade is in danger of being overused. Open Space Awnings can achieve more significant projections as they don’t need to be supported by exterior walls. 

Folding arms awning

Are you limited with space, struggling to shade the exterior of your home? Our luxury Folding Arm Awnings may be the shading solution you need. The innovative design overcomes challenging installation obstacles, excelling in areas with minimum space requirements. Functioning perfectly in width-restricted areas, our premium Folding Arm Awnings has a profile with an exceptionally stable torque bar. Depending on the system, you can connect three awnings together, making it possible to shade large areas without any problem.

Open spaces
Parasol awning

The Parasol Awning works the same as a Pergola Awning without requiring additional space. The Parasol Awning structure has a slim yet sturdy aluminium post that carries the innovative system with ease. Extremely practical and stylish, it comes in a flexible version than can be rotated in line with the direction of the elements. Our luxury line of Parasol Awnings is a perfect, space-saving alternative that still provides large amounts of shading.

Modular frame system awning

Modular Frame Awnings are a sophisticated system made from durable posts with additional connection elements. The Modular Frame Awning System has multiple installation options, suitable for all building types. Because of the awning’s versatility, you can have these awnings installed onto the property or in the garden, depending on your preference. 


Why Choose Open Space Awnings?

The Open Space Awnings structure has supporting columns, acting as a roof for further support. Reinforced by four slender poles rigged into the ground, therefore, they provide all the benefits other awnings do, but with added stability. So, no matter where the Open Space Awning is, it can stand firm in adverse weather conditions. They are perfect for large-scale shading in private and professional settings, giving you complete flexibility. In addition, these luxury Pergola Awnings are a fantastic shading solution for areas with difficulty providing shade.

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