Conservatory awnings

Conservatories are a popular extension choice for UK homes. Their glass design welcomes natural sunlight into the property, perfect for a vibrant home. However, If you are looking to get the most out of your conservatory, have you ever considered adding a Conservatory Awning? A conservatory’s design can make it challenging To regulate temperature all year round. With a conservatory awning, you have guaranteed UV protection and insulation that gives you thermal control of your home.

Glass top awnings

Glass Top Conservatory Awnings are installed above the glass to reflect glaring sunlight. Additionally,  it provides ultraviolet protection and reduces considerable amounts of heat radiation. This awning system is excellent for diffusing light for a relaxing conservatory experience.

Our comprehensive range of Markilux awnings provides a comfortable solution for large conservatory glass areas. Their clever tensioning systems allow you to enjoy shade over areas of more than 35 m2 with one awning system, It also comes equipped with Markilux’s tracfix system, which provides lateral cover guidance. This Glass Top Awning ensures no gaps between the awning cover and guide track, making for better wind stability. 

Underglass awnings

Relax in the shade of your conservatory below designer awnings that guarantee you can enjoy your own cosy outdoor spot. Protected from dirt and weather, these awnings are extended below your conservatory glass. They come in compact cassettes that fit in perfectly with the glass canopy and include lighting options to provide the optimum ambience.

They also come with a clever tensioning system and sturdy design. This helps them fit in perfectly to your conservatory, blending in with their harmoniously matched angular tracks.


Conservatories provide the perfect compromise between being outdoors and indoors. They allow for great views of your garden and are the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon. With our luxury line of Conservatories Awnings, you can enjoy the best of these moments.

There are several elegant options to choose from here. They can be installed either above or below your conservatory glass roof, where their high-grade materials will provide robust protection. Conservatory Awnings are roof-mounted where they can prevent excessive heat and offer a pleasant environment for ultimate relaxation.