External Blinds

External Blinds, Protection from light and heat are the attributes of the graceful vertical external blind. It offers plenty of solar protection from glaring light to glass areas up to 600 cm, all this with a subtle design. Tensioned pistons ensure perfect cover fit and ensure low noise extension and retraction of the blinds. The motorised version can be integrated in any house automation for comfortable operation.

We offer a wide range of external blind options:

external blinds

Product Range

Open Spaces

Open Space Awnings can stand firm anywhere without needing support from the facade of the property. Our luxury range of Open Space Awnings achieves greater shading projections than other awnings by having its own structural support. This clever design feature means you can have a made-to-measure shading solution for the perfect alfresco experience.

We offer a wide range of external blind options:

Open space awning - Markilux-01
Vertical Awnings

Vertical Awnings Systems are a fantastic shading solution for large windows. They protect the interior of your home from damaging UV light and provide cooling, relaxing shading. Their versatile application means our luxury Vertical Awnings Systems rest above the window frame to keep your whole view.

Conservatory Awnings

Our Conservatory Awning systems are as practical as they are stylish. With areas made with lots of glass, conservatory awnings are a fantastic option to provide much-needed shading.  These innovative systems help regulate the temperature within the property.

Patio Awnings

Patio Awnings are cost-effective alfresco extensions that create a balanced space,  blending your home with the outdoors. These innovative shading systems provide a cooling, relaxing shade during hot summer months and protect your property’s foundations in the rainy season.


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