Incomparable quality

Bringing you a new level of customisation, our bespoke options for curtain poles, blind tracks, finials, chains and add-ons allow you to have truly unique, perfectly-matching treatments for your windows.
Handcrafted finishes, forged by expert blacksmiths with methods passed from generation to generation, combined with modern machinery. This blend of innovation and tradition achieves timeless pieces on every occasion.

The right look and feel in all applications

In terms of appearance and style, customisation of our curtain poles and accessories can be built to your design, fully customised, with custom materials and specific finish, meeting any design requirements.

In terms of function, our products can work with all motorised systems. Hardware comes in manual & motorised operation options, with excellent usability, compatible with most home automation systems. The installation is fast, straightforward and suitable for cases where other tracks don’t fit.

Tillys Aura: style + function

This range brings functionality and style together, with complete track systems for curtains as well as blinds. Curtain tracks are suitable for even heavy-weight curtains and ripple heading. For blinds, the modes of operation  include: spring, chain, motorised, battery, bottom-up.

While conventional options are available, we can provide systems for modern and minimal interiors, including solutions designed to disappear.

Even more choices

We provide hardware options suitable for wall & ceiling fix, in classic metal finish, wooden or any other in our selection.
Our fabrics options include sheer linens, privacy cottons, blackout fabrics, screen fabrics and more, available in a range of colours.