Curtain Tracks

We have a wide offering of premium curtain tracks, including the full SilentGliss and Lutron ranges. We offer options in electrichand drawn or cord drawn tracks, and can help you decide which best suit the interior environment you’re aiming to create. Please check out our Specification Tool.

Tuiss Patterned Curtains
Silent Gliss

We offer a wide range of hand operatedcord operated and electrically operated curtain tracks by SilentGliss. These include the SilentGliss 1011, 1012, 1021, 1025, 1080, 1090, 1200, 1280, 3600, 3840, 6243, 6021, 6290 which are hand operated and SilentGliss 3000, 3840, 3900, 6200, 6370 which are cord operated. SilentGliss also do a fabulous range of electric tracks such as the SilentGliss 5100B, 5100R, 5100T, 5100TC, 5300, 5600, 5800. You can have a selection of standard gliders, roller gliders and wave gliders.


We offer a full range of electrically operated curtain tracks by Lutron. Lutron are a motorized only manufacturer and provide some high quality tracks such as the D105D145 & D175, this can either be with standard gliders or ripplefold gliders. Lutron products are mainly installed when you have a Lutron Lighting Control system.

Casa Wave Curtains Mexico

We offer a more economical range of products from Diaz which include an Electric Curtain track with standard gliders for standard curtain headings. This can either be hardware or remote controlled.

Metropole with Wave Curtains