Curtain Tracks

We work extensively with our partners to provide premium Curtains Tracks. Shading Specialists work with industry-leading curtain track companies to deliver a comprehensive service with luxury products. Our range features the full Silent Gliss, Lutron and Diaz Curtain Track ranges in electrical, hand-drawn and cord tracks. For more information, visit our technical specifications site.

Tuiss Patterned Curtains
Silent Gliss

The range of Silent Gliss curtain tracks is extensive and can be perfectly suitable for any project.

Firstly, our hand-operated Silent Gliss tracks are applicable for curved application use. This range features Silent Gliss 6290, 6840, and 1280 curtain track systems. Secondly, in the range we have Silent Gliss cord operated tracks that are perfect for heavily weighted curtains. Also, they can be bent for all curved applications. This range features Silent Gliss’s 6370, 3840 and 3900.

Finally, we account for the Silent Gliss electric curtain track range. Our electric curtain track range includes Silent Gliss’ 5100, 5600 and 5800 systems due to their versatility, stability and AV integrations. This premium system offers ultimate convenience and a sense of luxury. Also, you can have a selection of standard gliders, roller gliders and wave gliders with these Silent Gliss systems.


We offer a complete range of Lutron electrically operated Curtain Tracks. The Lutron tracks have a precise electronic drive unit for a smooth, ultra-silent operation. Therefore what makes Lutron unique is that they are a motorised-only manufacturer, producing the highest-quality tracks. Our range includes D105D145 & D175, systems, which can come with standard gliders or ripple fold gliders.

Casa Wave Curtains Mexico

Our range of Diaz Curtain Tracks is an economical range of products which includes an Electric Curtain track with standard gliders for standard curtain headings. This can either be hardware or remote-controlled.

Metropole with Wave Curtains

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