Curtain poles

Curtain Poles is a traditional way of enhancing your window treatment. Available in a variety of shapes, styles and lengths, our luxury catalogue will add the perfect final touches to your home. Shading Specialists will be able to assist you with finding the best pole for your window treatment.

We work with leading manufacturing companies of premium curtain poles such as The Bradley collection, Byron & Byron, Silent Gliss and Tilly’s.

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Curtain Poles.



Wooden Curtain Poles can be fashioned from different woods such as oak or walnut, providing a rich, classic character. Additionally, they are a fantastic option for eco-conscious homes as their biodegradable material reduces their environmental impact.


Metal Curtain Poles offer a modern, contemporary feel because of their clean aesthetic. These poles provide stability, making them the most durable pole available. Because of their material can be bent and contoured to create the perfect shape for your needs. It is a visually striking option for a more decorative method of hanging curtains. When paired with our bespoke luxury fabrics, curtains poles bring an elegant essence to your window.




This is the simple way to hang curtains from the ceiling or wall. Our extensive range has the option to be integrated within curtain track systems. The embedded system keeps the visual benefits of traditional curtain poles but with even easier operation.


We also supply automated products that combine tradition with modernity. This useful range still maintains its charming character, but with the additional luxury of an automated system. This system can be operated through full remote, smartphone, or home automation.

With so many different designs and fabric choices, where does one start? A member of our team would be delighted to visit your property and help you achieve your curtain vision or book you a showroom visit.