Blinds solutions: How to use Sona Shade products for complex jobs

The problem

Our client called us for an initial meeting with the regarding these overhead blinds. We were asked to solve a tricky residential shading issue that the customer was struggling to find a suitable solution for.

On the site survey, the client specified that the shading solution must help solve these four key issues:

1) stop the extreme heat in the summer months and aid in cooling down the area

2) protect furniture from sun damage

3) control the glare

4) provide privacy

Furthermore, as the client wasn’t living there permanently. For this reason, wanted a solution that would do all the previously mentioned features, while also prioritising privacy.

Additionally, she requested the blinds to be motorised with no works to be done to get cables to the location and no retro fitting.

Our blind solution

After analysing the survey our team came up with a solution to the client problem, which was to install Sona Shades battery operated motorised blinds.

Once sizing and coatings were approved by our sales team, our surveyor returned to do a final comprehensive survey. They also were there to answer any technical question the customer may have.

Moreover, our surveyor fully explained how we will be installing these, so the client was made aware of the process.

The benefit of bespoke blind solutions

For this project, we required triangular timber batons used to square off the angles to enable the blind to be fitted and run parallel to the glass.

Using our experienced engineers with multiple trade skills under their belts, we were able to complete this request in-house. We cut bespoke angled batons and painted them in a colour chosen by the client to match the space.

Ultimately, we opted for upward moving blinds due to limited space at the top to install the blind and to ensure the battery packs were hidden out of sight where possible and to ensure easy charging of these without a large ladder.

Final results

The customer was extremely happy with the result and the precision of the measurements of the blinds. We were able to find a solution that protected from the sun, regulated internal temperatures, included glare control and guaranteed privacy, without compromising the aesthetics of the gorgeous home.

Another happy customer that has been helped by Shading Specialists

Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Our Final Results after the installation

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