What Is A Window Recess And How To Fit Blinds?

When it comes to understanding how Blinds are meant to be fit, a keyword that often comes up is “window recess”. But what does that mean exactly?

What is a Window Recess?

A window recess refers to the hollowing space between the inside of the wall and the window glass itself. Some windows do not have a recess, while other may have shallow or deep ones. The depth of your window recess is the leading factor when it comes to deciding which fit is best suited for your Blind and space.

Deciding on how to fit your blind.

Blinds can be fitter either in the recess or outside of it. Both options offer a variety of pros and cons, and the best fit really depends on the size of the window, the overall look of the space you are going for and the type of Blinds that are being installed.

Vertical, Venetian and Roller Blinds are the most common types of Blinds that are installed inside the recess. However, the above mentioned Blinds can still be fitted outside the recess even if it is deep set, depending on the aesthetic of the room. Knowing the depth is your first step for deciding what options you have for fitting inside or outside recess.

Window Recess Graphic Diagram

Installing inside the window recess


When fitting inside the recess the Blind itself may get in the way of window usage if the window opens inwards. Additionally, when the blind is completely raised, there will be a small part of it partially covering the glass, obstructing the natural light coming through.

Depending on the window dimensions, some Blinds might hang lower down, blocking even more of the window. Another important point to note when it comes to fitting inside the recess, is that for some systems the installation process is more invasive, as the system gets fitted into the wall. This causes more of a mess, can take longer and homeowners need to make sure there is no plumbing or electrical in the way of where our fitters will be working.


When it comes to aesthetics, installing inside the recess creates a minimalist and sleek finish, popular for modern and contemporary spaces. By being fitted inside the recess, the Blind becomes flush with the wall, without any bulky bits protruding into the room.

Blinds that tilt to filter light, such as Venetians, are a good choice for inside the recess fitting as they stay out of the way and are able to remain tidy and collect less dust. Fitting inside the recess can reduce gaps, as blinds can be hung closely to the window itself. Additionally, some blinds can be fitted directly to the window frame itself, potentially not needing to drill through brick or masonry.

Window Recess Graphic Diagram

Installing outside the window recess


There are also cons when it comes to installing a Blind outside the recess. A Blind fixed in the outside recess may accidentally be installed on concrete, which would provide harder to fit than if it was a wood surface.

Moreover, another issue that may be presented is that the Blinds may protrude into the room, taking up more space and negatively impacting the visual aesthetic of the room. Speaking of aesthetics, the additional gap between the wall and batten means that from certain angels, lift cords and workings may be visible.


When Blinds are installed outside of the recess, they are less likely to fade due to constant sun exposure, unless they include special UV protection properties. Blinds that are installed outside the recess are able to be pulled up all the way when drawn, allowing the most light to filter in as possible.

Additionally, if installing a Blackout Blind, the room is able to be completely dark as the Blind is completely covering the window, increasing room darkness. Moreover, with an outside recess installation you can still place things on the windowsill for additional décor. You can also choose the Blind’s size, instead of being limited to the size of the window itself. If a larger Blind is selected for a job, the fixture can make the window seem bigger and taller.

How should you make your final decision?

There is no one definite answer that is correct for every situation when it comes to fitting blinds. Generally, deciding whether your Blinds should be installed inside or outside the recess comes down to two main factors. One being the aesthetics of the room and the look you are going for, and the practical aspects of the window recess, the space around the window, and the window itself. If you still cannot decide, our expert team has over 50 years of experience and is ready to help by offering advice for your project!

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