Case Study: Diaz PLE12 A Rooflight Blind

Duette Rooflight Blind

The Project

It’s becoming an increasing trend to renovate our homes instead of moving these days. Reinvesting into your property is becoming more popular, in particular, with skylights. Due to the surging installation of rooflights, so does the need for rooflight blinds

At Shading Specialists, our collection of premium rooflight systems meets all types of residential and commercial applications. However, this recent installation, in particular, boasts the first of its kind available on the market. 

What makes it the first of its kind? Traditionally, overhead blinds would need an electrical mains connection in order to work. The systems would need a high voltage supply to move the blinds effectively; this was the case until Diaz introduced the PLE12 A rooflight blind. 

This rooflight blind is battery-operated and rechargeable, making it a one-of-a-kind window treatment. The innovative battery technology allows the blind to move with ease without overheating. This means the Duette rooflight blind from Diaz doesn’t need any wiring, allowing for a clean installation. The made-to-measure blind perfectly nestles into the ceiling recess for a smart, contemporary look. 

The PLE12 A is a remarkable product that’s versatility makes it the perfect window treatment for all types of horizontal applications. Additionally, the premium window treatment is specifically designed to give the user temperature and shading control within the room. In particular, these systems provide effective insulation as the cellular shape traps air, preventing chilly drafts in the home. Visit our technical specification webstie for further details.


At Shading Specialists, we seek to deliver high-end, innovative systems and this project is an amazing example of our promise. We work with leading suppliers to bring these incredible products to U.K homes. Our turnkey service makes for a hassle-free experience, giving you the perfect window treatment for your home. 

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