Case Study: Luxury Lutron Overhead Blind

For this case study, we look at a recent Lutron overhead blind installation. Our specialist team liaised with Alain Bouvier Associates and Chelsea Construction to provide a comprehensive window treatment service with bespoke ceiling channelling and state-of-the-art rooflight shading systems. 

The Challenge 

Rooflights are a fantastic method of increasing natural lighting within the property. However, it can make for unwanted lighting at times when you wish to relax in your home. For this reason, we needed to install versatile shading systems that can provide the client with complete lighting control to reap the benefits of rooflights while negating the cons. 

Our Approach

Our expert site surveyor advised the architect and contractor with the technical information for the installation. This included cable positioning, the depth and height of the boxes, and the blind system we would recommend for the project. 

For this project, the client needed a comprehensive rooflight blind treatment. The positioning of the overhead windows meant providing a unique treatment that would solve the client’s problem. Channelling into the ceiling would allow our specialist team to install a concealed system to maintain the rooflight view. Concealment of the tension wires was paramount to adhere to the clean line aesthetic of the modern property. 

Above all, the shading system would need to be quiet as per the client’s request. It was imperative that the overhead roof blinds were silent during operation to avoid unwanted noises. But, because of the technical specifications for the project, we presented the client with Lutron’s Tension Sivoia QS rooflight system. The innovative design keeps the fabric taught and prevents the sagging of the material when overhead.

During the first phase of the installation, our installation team created a channel in the ceiling, which meant we could install the perfectly made-to-measure blinds during phase two to ensure there were no gaps for light to bleed through. Additionally, this system maximises the view from the rooflight by eliminating the need for cable guides that traditional rooflight blind systems have. 


The outcome perfectly encapsulates Shading Specialists comprehensive window treatment service. We provided the architects and contractors with product recommendations from conducting a site survey and installed the rooflight with excellent finishes. Lastly, the Lutron overhead blind system gives the client a silent shading solution that adheres to the home’s interior design. The effective shading system met the client’s needs entirely, with the result boasting a stylish finish.

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