Case Study: Bespoke Curtain Track Silent Gliss 6100 Metroflat System


As specialists, we can provide technical assistance in all different property types. Our expertise within curtain track installations means we can offer a bespoke service that meets the most unique and challenging circumstances. This case study will analyse the made-to-measure shower curtain treatment we installed for one of our recent clients.

The Challenge

The client required a custom-made curtain track system for a bathroom with a corner bath. Because of the unique size diameters, this installation would need a bespoke-made solution. Consequently, the curtain track is perfectly aligned with the shape of the bath.

At Shading Specialists, when we approach made-to-measure installation jobs such as this, it’s essential for our hands-on team to guide the customer throughout the process. To achieve optimal results, we arranged a site visit for our senior surveyor to meet with the client to take accurate measurements and discuss options with the client.

Our Recommendation

Because of the shape of the bath, the curtain tracks would need multiple bends to contour around the bath, covering the entire circumference. We recommended proceeding with the Silent Gliss 6100 Metroflat system. The benefit of opting for Silent Gliss’ 6100 Metroflat is that the curtain track can have up to four bends at a 135-degree angle. This functionality perfectly aligns with the job’s specifications. Other notable features are the 2-component (2C) glider technology which comes with matching endcaps and brackets.

Once agreed, we arranged a day for installation and began the project. Our installation team went to the site and successfully installed the Silent Gliss 6100 Metroflat system paired with Silent Gliss 20335 top fix hanging brackets within the same day. We thoroughly planned every aspect of the job, ensuring the prevention of all obstacles and guaranteeing a smooth installation process.

Conclusion to this bespoke curtain track

To conclude, while Shading Specialists are well versed in curtain track installations, we are exceptionally pleased with the results of this project in particular. We provided the customer with a precise curtain track system that met the project specifications entirely. The Silent Gliss 6100 Metroflat system was installed in less than a day and provides a clean, contemporary look.

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