Concealed Shading Solutions


If you’re struggling to decide to install inside or outside the windows recess, why not just have a concealed track instead as a shading solution? 

Every window comes with its own unique needs that require a tailored solution. Here, at Shading Specialists, we understand the intricacies of window recesses. That’s why we can offer alternatives that conceal shading solutions.

Recessed Curtain Track Systems


We work with numerous partners to provide industry-leading window treatments. So, for residences that need concealed shading solutions, we install Silent Gliss recessed curtain tracks into the property. The discrete aluminium profile is fixed above the ceiling and strong enough to carry medium and heavyweight curtains.

For large windows like floor to ceiling. This option proves to be beneficial as the installation process channels into the roof to hang curtains freely. Because of this, it eliminates the need for the curtain to hang outside the window recess. Therefore, this offers a clean, contemporary design.

This installation process means the recessed curtain track can be installed anywhere on the property and is not limited to a window. You can have them installed in any space to create an ‘open-door’ effect in the home.

These bespoke recessed curtain tracks come in different systems and can be hand-operated or electrically via remote control.

Recessed Roller Blind Systems

Recessed roller blind systems use blind boxes to conceal the roller mechanism within the wall, ceiling or side channel of the property. By choosing this particular system, the rollers mechanism is neatly hidden to create a clean, minimalistic look.

The benefit of this system is the blind sits near the window. This installation minimises the gaps on the sides, provides greater shading, regulates temperature and increases privacy in the home.

The subtle window treatment can work for different types of residential and commercial properties. Electrically operated, the roller blind systems wiring is discretely concealed within side boxes or within the blinds’ side channels.

Integrated Blind Systems

Blinds installed within the window are proving to be a popular modern design.

Inbuilt blinds, as the name suggests, are built into the window. The blind material fits in between the panels of glass, offering further thermal protection within the double-glazed windows.

They remain one of the lowest maintenance window treatments on the market as their concealed within the glass to avoid damage and dust. 

However, this alternative is best suited if you can’t install recessed curtain tracks or have blinds concealed in the walls or channels.

Because the integral blind is tucked within the glass, it offers excellent privacy as the gaps are minimal to provide optimal shading. The inbuilt blinds are operated by cords, sliders or motors that move the blind effortlessly.

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If you are still undecided on what shading solution is best for your home. Call our shading specialists or contact us today and we will happily advise you on the perfect treatment for your home.