Modern Venetian Blinds


All you need to know about Modern Venetian Blinds Styles

Modern Venetian Blinds have the benefit of providing privacy without completely restricting your view. Held together by corded or tapped fabrics, the Venetian blind is a popular window treatment because of its versatility, affordability and durability. They come in many different operations and materials, perfectly suiting the needs of your indoor shading needs. 

Types of Venetian Blinds

Hand-operated Venetian blinds

Hand-operated Venetian blinds come in chain, wand and cord controls. By pulling the cord or chain, you are able to raise and lower the Venetian blind effortlessly. To control light, you can use a wand or cord to tilt the shades on the Venetian blind to create shade and privacy. 

Electric-operated Venetians

Electric Venetians Blinds offer a sense of luxury due to their minimalistic function. The precisive control drives allow for quiet and accurate operation at a click of a button. Because of this, you can raise, lower and tilt the slats to give the user complete shading control. 

Electric Venetian blinds are controlled by a wall switch or remote, depending on your preference. Alternatively, if you have a smart-home system installed on the property, you can operate the blinds by voice command. 

Modern Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

When we think of Venetian blinds, our minds are drawn to aluminium, and for a good reason. A staple in many commercial residences, Aluminium Venetian blinds are commonly installed in offices and schools.

Their strong material makes them highly durable. Withstanding gusts of winds and the occasional knocks, the durable aluminium Venetian blind will still be able to keep its shape. Because of its material, aluminium blinds pull off a slick, contemporary aesthetic due to their clean lines. 

Aluminium itself cannot rust, giving it longer shelf life. Aluminium Venetian blinds are ideal in humid and wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. 


Wooden Venetian Blinds

The wooden material has a natural feel to the Venetian blind to create a homely feel. The benefit of the wooden Venetian blind is that they are sustainable and eco-friendly. When decorating, you can recycle or upcycle your old wooden Venetian blinds. 

The benefit of wooden Venetian blinds is the privacy they can provide without restricting the view from your window. Other window treatments can stop fresh flowing air from entering the home and block out the sun. With wooden Venetian blinds, you can let nature into the property for simplistic a Japandi-style home interior.

Like the aluminium blind, they are incredibly durable while remaining lightweight. 

Plastic and Leather Venetian Blinds

Alternative but popular options for Venetian blinds are plastic and leather materials. 

Leather Venetian blinds are beneficial for their easy maintenance and visual design. Their texture and different colourway options make them a creative window treatment to communicate a bold, expressive look. 

PVC Venetian blinds or faux wood Venetian blinds are a lightweight and durable alternative to replicate the wood if you want to achieve a wooden look in humid areas, where wooden Venetians aren’t suitable due to warping. 

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