Case study: University of Warwick

Faculty of Arts University of Warwick

As specialists, we often work across the country in stunning residential homes and beautiful commercial builds. Our craft sees us liaising with industry-leading construction firms and architects to overcome logistical challenges by providing innovative solutions. In addition, we also provide services to schools and universities, as did for the University of Warwick.

Last year, our expertise we sought out for a commercial project by Cambridge-based architectural firm MCW Architects. They presented a brief for the Faculty of Arts University of Warwick building. Upon hearing this, we were privileged to be considered for this job and approached the project with a gusto attitude. 

The scope of this grand project spanned 15,000m2 of floor space, and the university needed shading solutions for the entire building, including academic offices, classrooms, theatre rooms and a full-height atrium. The installation requirements meant we would have to fix 5-meter length blinds 20 meters high. 

The Challenge at the University of Warwick

As specialists, we understand each building has its own unique needs and that no two jobs are ever the same. We can best advise the client by considering varying window treatment solutions that meet the assignment’s criteria. Because of this, we work with a wide range of suppliers to present customers with the perfect product. 

However, It was imperative to ensure that whatever window treatment we presented was in keeping with the architecture of the building. This new state-of-the-art facility ethos was to champion creativity, modernity, and style. Because of this, we present the client with Diaz roller blinds. Their clean lines worked in concert with the building’s modern architecture to produce an appearance that best suited the project’s vision.

Certainly, with complex commercial projects such as this, logistical issues relating to the build will arise. This task was underway amid the height of Covid-19. Because of this, the supply chain was affected, and we had to tackle the issue of unrelenting material shortages. Despite this problem, we worked with our devoted team of fabric makers and construction company Bowmer + Kirkland to find a solution. Because of this collaborative effort, the project avoided delays in spite of the challenges the pandemic presented. Our installation team was able to fix over 700 blinds around the campus by providing innovative solutions through liaising with stakeholders involved in the project.

The project in pictures

Stunning Diaz Roller Blinds closeup installed University of Warwick


In conclusion, we are exceedingly proud of this job as our team of experts was well equipped to tackle any situation head-on. They provide their capabilities to carry out large complex commercial projects efficiently and professionally. 

Therefore, the blinds and screens our specialists fitted to provide the students of Warwick the essential privacy and shading to carry out their studies undisturbed. As a result, aiding the minds of future entrepreneurs, creatives and whatever they set their sights on.

Have a look at our blinds in operation: 

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