Awning Benefits


Here, at Shading Specialist, we offer awning services available to industrial and commercial sectors. The services include the production, distribution and installation of awnings. However, you may not be familiar with the benefits that come with introducing an awning to your property. Awnings can be a cost-effective, practical and stylish solution that you may never have considered before.

Patio Awning Benefits

markilux-970-patio-awningsThe benefits of the patio awnings are similar to canopy, window and glass roof awnings. However, what is unique about the patio awning is the extra living space it provides. The patio awning allows you to bridge your indoor space with the outdoors.

Another benefit is that it is a cost-effective alternative rather than paying for an extension on your home. Patio awning installations are quick and simple – making them a practical solution for extending your home. Because of this, you can take full advantage of summer nights. Whether you’re hosting a family dinner or having relaxed drinks with your partner, this alfresco option is a perfect way to get the most out of your home.

However, you are no longer limited to enjoying your patio during the summer months. Most patio awnings come with additional add-ons such as heaters and LED lighting, meaning you can reap the benefits of your patio awning all year long.

Window Awning 

The practical benefits of window awnings come in abundance by offering all-around protection by shielding your home from unrelenting weather conditions. Exterior window awnings are angled to divert rainwater away from the building. The design protects the window, wall and foundation of the building to avoid water damage. This makes the window a cost-effective method, ensuring the window longevity while adding to the property’s value.

Not only can the window awning protect your home from the rain, but it can help combat complications that come with sunlight. While we love to welcome the sun with open arms, it is necessary to control the amount of light you let in. UV light can damage walls, paints and furniture when exposed for a prolonged time. Window awnings are a perfect solution to provide essential shading.

Window awnings aren’t limited to the exterior of the property. Vertical awnings are an elegantly alternative method to protect your windows. Their drop-arm design allows the awning to be angled inside the home to provide optimal shading and privacy.

Retractable Awning Benefits

markilux-1600-retractable-awnings-benefitsCommon concerns with awnings are their static presence. Their purpose isn’t to detract anything away from the design of your home but to add to it. That is why the retractable awning is the perfect solution to this concern.

With a retractable awning, you are in control of our outdoor experience. You can sit on the patio, sheltered from the rain one day under, and then the next day retracts the awning to bask in the sunlight. This non-intrusive option provides flexible shading, making it the most universe awning on the market.

The retractable awning design means they are low maintenance. Because of its versatility, the retractable awning can be closed quickly to prevent the risk of damage during adverse weather conditions. This ensures the longevity of the awning, making it a worthwhile investment.

Today’s modern awnings come with different operation mechanics to meet your unique needs. While manual awnings are easy to use, if you desire that extra bit of luxury, you can choose a motorised awning to customise your outdoor experience with a click of a button. This is something commonly found with retractable awnings such as pergola awnings.

Glass Roof Awning 

Conservatories are a great way to allow more delightful natural light into your home, but they do come with their challenges. Inviting potentially harmful ultraviolet rays can result in increasing temperatures in hot summer months. Glass roof awnings can be a practical way to combat this and allow you to regulate the heat you experience in your home. The clever design makes it the perfect solution to welcome the sun while creating a comfortable ambiance, getting the most out of the day. The glass roof has flexible installation options due to the robust, high-grade materials. You can decipher if you want the awning installed inside or outside the conservatory glass roof.

Freestanding Awning Benefits

folding-arms-markilux-awnings-benefitsWhat makes freestanding awnings unique is that they separate from your home. Because the awning is its own structure, it can stand alone without being mounted on the property. For this reason, you have complete flexibility for freestanding awnings to be situated anywhere including, decking, lawns, patios, or any other suitable location within your home. They are their own private space, making them a reclusive getaway within walking distance. Because the freestanding awning is separate from your home, it doesn’t need to adhere to your home’s aesthetics. You can design a new tranquil outdoor living area thanks to the benefits of a freestanding awning.


Awnings are a great way to stay protected. Not only do they add to the characteristics of the architecture, but they also provide essential shading to protect yourself from potentially harmful UV rays. They are exceedingly resistant to unrelenting weather conditions due to their robust materials and solid framework. Because of this, not only do they protect you, but your home. The awning’s practical functions allow you to get the most of your outdoor space. No matter the weather, you can enjoy the patio, decking or anywhere in your home all year long.

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