Markilux Most Popular Awnings

They say you make a house a home, so why stop indoors? Make the outdoors your own with one of the Markilux Most Popular Awnings.

Here, at Shading Specialist, we want to deliver the highest quality product and service to our customers. To do so, we partner with companies across the globe to find luxury materials and reliable products.

Our German partner markilux provides awnings that are made to measure using the highest possible quality materials and are fitted with comfort-giving technology. With over 50 years of experience and several design awards, markilux awnings prove to be the best and most desired on the market.

Here are the most popular markilux awnings we have available at Shading Specialists:

Markilux 1600 Stretch

Smaller properties come with different challenges, one that the markilux 1600 stretch solves with ease.

As its name suggests, the markilux 1600 stretch achieves further projections without the need for greater widths upon installation. The awning is engineered with smart arm technology, which makes it capable of shading long narrow areas that can be found on balconies and patios.

When it comes to options, the markilux 1600 Stretch has them in abundance. Ranging from a spring-assisted crank handle all the way to a radio-controlled motor. Whatever you need, the markilux 1600 has got your outdoor space covered.

Markilux 1650

The front profile on the markilux 1650 is integrated with LED spotlights which, can be adjusted vertically to a range of 90 degrees. Controlled by a remote, the lights on this stylish awning can illuminate the area underneath – so you can create the perfect atmosphere on those evenings spent on the patio.

The coverboard has an integrated brush so that debris does not get dragged into the awning as it closes, making it practical as well as stylish. Because of features like these, the markilux 1650 won the iF Product Design Award for its excellent design and continues to be one of markilux’s most popular products.

Markilux 5010

What makes the markilux 5010 stand out is its chic characteristics. Not only is this trendy cassette awning slender in design, but it is also highly robust, making it ideal for shading large areas.

It has the option of a drop valance up to a projection of 300 cm, providing vertical protection against low-lying sun and inquisitive glances. The moving parts on the cassette awning are made of drop-forged aluminium, making them extremely fracture-resistant.

It also comes with the option of a silentec motor to reduce noise during opening and closing procedures. So, you won’t be burdened by loud noises.

The cassette in two parts has an integrated cover profile – offering optimum protection of the awning cover against the weather.

Markilux 6000

What makes the markilux 6000 ideal is its customisable features. This designer cassette awning is modifiable in both colour and technical specifications. It means that you can tailor it to meet your needs.

The markilux 6000 comes with a variety of options, including LED spotlights, a silentec motor and a drop valance up to a project of 350cm.

A distinctive characteristic is the awning’s semi-circular front profile. The awnings oval design is so unique it was presented with the reddot design award, joining a long line of award-winning markilux products.

Markilux 990

The folding-arm technology built into the awning is what makes this cassette markilux’s most compact yet, making it a perfect fit for balconies or patios. Its design is not only svelte and attractive but is highly functional.

What makes the markilux 990 special is its self-supporting cassette profile. The brackets are installed at each end of the awning making it suitable for bridging larger distances.

When the awning is closed, it is encompassed fully by the front profile, which lends a harmonious overall appearance to the awning. Even when the awning is fully extended, the roller tube is completely protected.

Like the markilux 1600 Stretch, the markilux 990’s is perfect for domestic applications thanks to its reduced need for width.

Markilux MX-3

Markilux Most Popular AwningThe MX-3 is a folding-arm full cassette awning that exhibits excellent technological and design features. The key thing to note about this awning is that despite its slender figure, it can shade areas up to 6 meters. Its appearance has contrasting features that work in tandem to create a stunning look achieved by its clean lines.

The screen profile is also available with exclusive coating, making the markilux MX-3 water-resistant, dirt-proof as well as providing a UV protection factor 50+.

Markilux 1600

In their own words, the markilux 1600 is “One of the most beautiful,” and we can see why!markilux-awning-1600

The well-thought-out mechanics of the markilux 1600 is the reason for its popularity, without compromising on its appearance. Available in wide-ranging colours from an off-white textured finish to Havana brown. You can customise this awning how you want this to fit in with your aesthetic of the home. This semi-cassette awning is designed with a high torsion-resistant, round torque bar, providing flexibility when choosing fixture points.

What is great about the markilux 1600 is its customisability. The optional accessories include an infrared heater, LED spotline and automatic controls.

What makes markilux awnings so popular is their ability to transform any outdoor space. Their wide variety of award-winning awnings gives customers the freedom to get creative and champions expression. Wherever you’re looking to add a new element balcony or remodel your patio, markilux awnings have got you covered.

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