Case Study – Wave Curtain and Roman Blind for Private Home

On the first day of this month, we were delighted to supply and install a made-to-measure Wave Curtain and Roman Blind for a private home in Cambridge.

The installation was lead by one of our most experienced fitters, who demonstrated each step he took to install the window treatments. We specify the products below:

  • Silent Gliss Wave Curtain in sheer fabric
  • Silent Gliss 5600 curtain track, electrically operated with manual override
  • Silent Gliss Roman Blind in sheer fabric, chain-operated

Wave Curtain installation

Roman Blind installation

Before and after


Tip: click on the images to enlarge.



Closing thoughts

The Wave Curtain and Roman Blind installation was swift and precise, thanks to the preparation before the installation as well as the expertise of our fitter. Most of all, we are happy that our client now enjoys the end result, as you can see in the post below:


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