Editor’s picks: Top Projects of Winter 2020

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We have selected a list of our favourite projects for Winter 2020. Each project below, listed in no particular order, is unique in its appearance and the final result.  As you’ll see, some of these projects have more of a premium and luxury look, whilst others have a contemporary feel, mostly following the current trends. We hope you enjoy!

1. Diaz Radio Controlled Electric Blinds

This beautiful residential project gave us the opportunity to work in a very stylish, creative-looking environment. We installed a set of lime-green-coloured, electrically operated roller blinds from Diaz, to match this Artpop-inspired space. The electric control system has the added benefit of being adjustable to different settings, which allow blinds to let in the right amount of light at any time of the year.

2 & 3. International Projects – Installations

One of the top international destinations for us this winter has been Kuwait, where we’ve completed several projects recently. Being bespoke, our work varies with every project. Sometimes, clients need a full supply & installation, other times, our clients need curtains which they then install. On occasions, they have curtains or soft furnishings but need to install them. This was the case for these two high-end residential projects, where we installed curtains & soft furnishings made by our trade customer.

4. Handmade Curtains & Romans with a Sixties Look

We provided these handmade curtains and Roman blinds in the same fabric, complementing the black blinds for the main large windows. Curtains were hung on a Silent Gliss 6840 hand-operated tracks. This attractive 60’s pattern hives warmth to this spacious room!

5. Installation – Hand Operated Curtains on Wooden Curtain Pole

Red is an exciting colour. When used in the right amount, it can bring balance instead of changing the whole ambience. In this residential project, we installed a lovely set of triple-pinch-pleated, hand-operated curtains, made by our trade customer. The chosen pole was a Silent Gliss a 28mm wooden curtain pole.

6. Silent Gliss Wave Curtain

Similar to the previous project, these scenic red curtains were chosen to bring a touch of excitement in this spacious Kitchen. We supplied and installed a set of Silent Gliss Wave Curtains on Silent Gliss 6840 Hand Operated Track.

7. Sheer and Blackout Wave curtains in a Contemporary Style

For this installation, we have used a set of hand-operated wave curtains in sheer and blackout fabrics. This combination of curtains is common in hotels, for the simple reason that they provide excellent privacy as well as room darkening, certainly ideal for a good night’s sleep! The chosen track was a Silent Gliss 6465 with 80mm Wave Gliders. The greyscale and yellow tones result in a contemporary look, embellished by the wallpaper with a geometric pattern.

8. Diaz Chain Operated Roller Blinds in a Minimalist Interior

A very pure, Minimalistic look for this interior, where only the essentials elements are present. To match this interior, we installed a set of Diaz chain operated roller blinds, Easy System, ensuring a smooth look and feel.

9. Silent Gliss Zanzibar Wave Curtains


For this sleek interior, the chosen window treatments were Silent Gliss Wave Curtains on a Single Skin Blackout Zanzibar Fabric to achieve an exceptional result.

The dark greys dominate in this modern-style bedroom giving a strong look with the addition of the luxurious golden tones.


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