Blinds on recessed windows – all you need to know

Which blinds work best for recessed windows?

Fitting a blind inside the window recess can be sometimes challenging, which is why it is important to know which blinds work best for inset windows. In the infographic below, we share all the basics you need to know about blinds and recessed windows.

The recess also provides a clean-cut with amazing finishings. Home Decor lovers will choose the recess because it will leave that extra space to place decorations that include frames, plants, vases or small sculptures.  If you like collecting objects & souvenirs from your travels, the recess will make your home a beautiful corner to decorate!

Blinds for recessed windows

The blinds we recommend in case of a recess are :

These blinds are perfect for a recessed window but each of them has a different style and look: The roman blinds appear to have much more volume as the fabric folds, while the roller blinds tend to be a lot flatter giving a minimalistic look.  We do offer a vast range of fabrics that can be customized following your taste based on the look of your home. The pleated blinds are instead very different from the rest as they can create special ambiences, making any room look very sophisticated. Unbeknown to many, pleated blinds have been on the market since ancient times, often seeing them in movies to create mysterious context.

Don’t stop your imagination on creating new exciting spaces, just remember to make sure that recess is at least 7.5 cm and to purchase a blind that has enough fabric to reach the right length. We recommend bespoke blinds over premade ones so you won’t have to worry about them fitting properly.

To see examples of Roman, the roller and the pleated blinds, have a look at our gallery.

Which blinds would suits your home better? Let us know in a comment here below!