Case Study – Why Hotel Curtains matter and how to get them right

The Hospitality industry is always evolving, but in the last few decades, many technological improvements have made it easier and more desirable than ever to travel around the world. Hotels have always been one of the preferred solutions for travellers, whether for leisure or business-related purposes. In the many years we’ve been providing window treatments, we’ve done Hotel curtains for establishments of all sizes, with great satisfaction from both sides.

Some of the most prestigious hotels we’ve had the privilege to work for include The Park Plaza in Westminster, Park Tower in Knightsbridge,  Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Four Seasons in Park Lane and Burj Al Arab, depicted below:

The common challenge

Regardless of the size and reputation of the Hotel, they are all subject to similar rules when it comes to achieving customer satisfaction. For instance, a study on more than 95,000 hotel guest reviews, published by the Hotel School at the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University, revealed that the things guests care most about are service and bedrooms.

Arguably, every element in the hotel is part of the experience – as can be seen in the review below, from a 5-star hotel guest:

A single review can have a significant impact in such a competitive market, so it is crucial to get the details right.

How to get Hotel Curtains right

In our opinion, people don’t pay enough attention to the impact window treatments have in the look and feel of the interiors. These are some questions we would ask to find out whether the Hotel curtains are up to high standards:

  • Fabrics – Do they match the interior design texture and colour scheme?
  • Operation – Are they smooth and easy to operate? Can they be operated remotely?
  • Privacy – Are there sheer curtains that let in the sunlight while protecting from prying eyes?
  • Room darkening – Are there blackout curtains to ensure full room darkening during night AND day? Regardless of the time, foreign travellers often want to do one thing as soon as they enter the bedroom – sleep.
  • Decor – Back ties, pelmets, valances,… which elements could improve the overall look of the bedroom?

We have featured below some of the curtains we recommend, specifically for Hotel interiors.

Curtains for bedrooms

Curtains for living rooms

We take every step to achieve the best results possible in the window treatments we supply. Our trusty team of Specialists can act as your guide, from start to finish in every project.