Editor’s picks: Top projects using Diaz

In this Editor’s Picks article, we focus on DIAZ solutions. Each project in this list was outstanding either in the resulting appearance or because of a specific feature that made it different from standard projects. Projects below are listed in no particular order.

1. Diaz Hand Operated Duettes

We love how these hand operated VS2 Duettes go together with the roller blinds on both sides, achieving a sharp and symmetrical look. In addition, they fit the door frame perfectly, which adds a bit of thermal insulation to the doors.

2. Diaz Easy Battery Operated Roller Blinds

Diaz Easy Re-Chargable Battery Operated Roller Blinds, with fabric-covered Bottom Bar

Video not displaying? Click on this link: Diaz Easy Re-Chargable Battery Operated Roller Blinds, with fabric-covered Bottom Bar-video

Every element in this kitchen plays well with each other. The blinds’ white fabric matches the walls and furniture, while allowing a good amount of light even when blinds are closed. The fact they are battery-powered (with rechargeable batteries) and can be remote-controlled with precision adds to the modern look.

3. Dark and Easy Roller Blinds

A set of chain-operated Roller Blinds with dark-coloured fabrics installed in a building under construction. A minimal design that provides privacy and basic shading.

4. Diaz Roller Blinds in bay windows

For these domestic interiors, we supplied a set of chain operated Roller Blinds in translucent white fabric. When uncertain about a fabric colour, choose a neutral colour – it goes with everything!

5. Blue, white and red Duo Roll Blinds

Revisiting the Duo Rolls, this project clearly shows how fabric colour can significantly impact the ambience in a room – matching a desired amount of light, a mood, or even a country flag!

6. Venetian Blinds

Simple design works almost always and this is a clear example.The 50mm slats in these Diaz, cord-operated Venetian blinds give them a nice and full look overall.

7.Diaz Duo Roll Blinds in sync

While Duo Roll blinds go by different names, like Day and Night blinds or even Zebra blinds, they all fit into the Roller Blinds category. It is certain that they are a convenient, combining the benefits of privacy and dimming out. As you can see on the first video, these electrically-operated blinds were installed with the ability to control everything in sync, as well as individually.

8. Diaz Vertical Blind

For demonstration purposes, we installed these chain-operated vertical blinds in our own Watford Showroom. If you haven’t visited us yet, we can’t recommend it enough to see and try our extensive range of products.

9. Dark, screen fabric Roller Blinds in a bay window

The fabric in these chain operated roller blinds was cleverly chosen. When blinds are closed, you can still see the beautiful garden the door leads to, while being protected from preying eyes.

10. Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds do not represent a significant part of the projects in which we get to use Diaz. This is sadly true! Wouldn’t you agree these chain operated Roman Blinds look beautiful in that colour? We hope to inspire more people trying Romans after seeing this project.

Note: This is a live collection and may change over time.

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