Editor’s picks: Top projects using Lutron

Continuing our series of Editor’s Picks, we focus this time on Lutron. Every project below is an example where we’ve used curtain tracks, roller blinds and other elements to achieve an outstanding result. The list is sorted in no particular order.

1. Lutron QS D105 Electric Curtain Tracks

These lovely lined curtains hang from QS D105 ultra-quiet tracks, which are easily able to hold light to medium-weight curtains. In conjunction, we installed Electric Roman blinds with Wave Curtains in the main bedroom.

2. Lutron Roller Blind 64 in Powder Coated headboxes

For this London-based commercial project, we fitted a set of Roller 64 Electric Roller Blinds. These were installed into Powder Coated 89 by 89 headboxes to perfectly match the black frame around it.

3. Handmade Curtains on Lutron Tracks and Lutron Roller Blinds

We chose a set of electrically-operated D145 curtain tracks and Sivoia QS Roller Blinds for these naturally bright office interiors.

4. Lutron Roller Blinds concealed in Blindspace Boxes

We had the privilege of doing this extensive project in The Boulevard Theatre, covering their one-of-a-kind theatre. A great use of technology to improve not only appearance but experience. See the full article here.

5. Lutron QS Sivoia Electric Roller blinds 64

These modern interiors needed equally sophisticated window treatments. We supplied handmade sheer Roman blinds on top of QS Sivoia Roller Blinds 64 with dim-out fabric.

6. Lutron QS Electric Roller 64 Blinds

Even though we love these blinds in their blackout fabric, what makes this project stand out is more subtle: integration. Indeed, we integrated the blinds into a Lutron Audio/Visual System for the best level of control and simplicity.

7. Lutron Triathlon Battery Operated Roller Blinds

It is almost never too early or too late to install window treatments. In this residential project, we installed a set of Triathlon blinds whilst the building was still in construction. All we needed was the windows to be ready!

8. Lutron QS Electric Roller Blind with Genuine Lutron fabrics

Even though we can mix different brands in some cases to produce a unique solution, it usually looks best when every element used is from the same manufacturer. To see an example of Lutron’s impressive range of fabrics see this article about their Experience Centre in London.

9. Handmade Sheer Curtains on a Lutron D105 Electric Curtain Track

In this domestic project, we installed a D105 track along with handmade Lined & Interlined self-stacked Roman blinds from our workroom, to make this home even more cosy.

10. Three small but notable projects

Lutron blinds from left to right:

  1. Sivoia QS Roller Blind 64, fitted on a triangular window for the upper part and standard window for the lower part
  2. Roller Blind Installed into a Blind Box, making the blinds virtually disappear when rolled up.
  3. Serena Insulating Honeycomb Shades. An elegant solution to save energy and insulate windows.

Note: This is a live collection and may change over time.

What’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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