Editor’s picks: Top projects using Silent Gliss

Top projects using Silent Gliss

We have selected a list of projects where we’ve used one or more solutions from Silent Gliss. The selection was based on either the astounding appearance of the final result or a salient feature that made it different from other projects. Projects are described below, ranked in no particular order.

1.U-shaped bent track to conceal a wave curtain

What makes this project special is the that the curtain track bends in a ‘U’ shape at the end, allowing the curtain to be fully hidden behind a small door. A clever way to conceal curtains without carving walls.

2. Wave curtains on Silent Gliss 6465 tracks

A set of 80mm lined wave curtains were fitted on Silent Gliss 6465 tracks, with one of them bent to perfectly cover the bay windows. The discrete tracks perfectly match the modern and cosy interior style.

3. Silent Gliss 4960 Roller Blinds

These electrically operated roller blinds precisely match the colour of the roman blinds and the rest of the classic-style interior.

4. Fringe curtains on a Silent Gliss 1280 track

These versatile fringe curtains were fitted on a curved 1280 track, enhancing the appearance of the modern-style room by adding a layer of privacy without compromising the incoming light from the full-height windows. This article covers what makes fringe curtains different from standard ones.

5. Wave curtains on Silent Gliss 5600 curtain tracks

For one of those projects where curtains play a key role in the interior design, the chosen pattern played well with the lighting, adding visual texture to the modern interior style. A set of wave curtains fitted on a continuous 5600 track with bends.

6. Minimal style vertical wave blinds

These Silent Gliss 2810 vertical wave blinds were chosen in a flat colour to complement a minimal look. On the right hand side you can barely notice the chain to operate it.

Silent Gliss 2810 Chain Operated Vertical Blind System

7. Silent Gliss 8500 Duette Blinds

One of the advantages of Duettes or Pleated blinds is that they can adapt to almost any window shape, which also helps with temperature insulation when covering the full surface. Below is a set of Silent Gliss 8500 Hand Operated Duette blinds.

8. Silent Gliss Vertical Blinds acting as a wall

One of the most creative uses of vertical blinds as room dividers, or in this case, acting as a wall with a perfectly cut room passage.

9. Curtain Room Dividers

Another way of creating modular spaces, in this case with curtains. These simple room dividers were achieved by using a pair of wave curtains on a Silent Gliss 6465 curtain track.

Room Divider Wave Curtains on a Silent Gliss 6465 Curtain Track

10. Screen fabric roller blinds

Roller blinds are certainly among the most popular blinds, yet rarely are they used alone or as the protagonist window covering. These 4955 battery operated roller blinds complement the simple style of this interior by providing light filtering and privacy while letting in a good amount of external light.

Note: This is a live collection and may change over time.

Do you have a favourite in this list, or any that we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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