Case Study – Silent Gliss 4960 Roller Blind System

Featured Case Study Silent Gliss Roller Blinds 4960

This is a small project for an apartment based in London, where we installed a Silent Gliss 4960 Roller Blind system. The choice for this system in particular was due to many reasons, including:

  • Operation – the system had to allow blinds to be electrically-operated, preferably by remote control.
  • Silence – as is was for a studio environment, the noise level needed to stay low.
  • Appearance – it needed to match a modern look, so anything apart from the fabric had to be minimally visible.
  • Light control – the client wanted privacy while only slightly blocking external light.

To meet these requirements, we chose the 4960 systems with integrated receivers for remote control operation. As a bonus, the motor is fast and smooth,

The black fabric was chosen to minimise glare on south facing windows and to allow maximum vision through when blinds are lowered. Specifically, the fabric selected was a dark Lightscreen 3%, in colour 6, with fabric-turned bottom edge. To achieve a minimal look, we recommended the reverse rolled option with a continuous headrail for neater appearance at the top.

This roller blind system pertains to a moderately high price range, but for a project of this size it was well worth the cost, considering the durability and overall satisfaction.

Project pictures


For a full product description, please refer to the Specification Tool page.

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