Case Study – Fringe Curtains

Fringe Curtains on Silent-Gliss-1280 Track - Closed 2

For a recent installation we did, our client requested a type of curtain we don’t get to install very often: fringe curtains.

Fringe or string curtains are a type of shading solution that are so versatile it’s almost as if the term ‘curtain’ was too narrow for them. Indeed, they can be used as doors, patio doors, bathrooms, beds, room dividers or as decoration elements. They are suitable for many creative uses and it’s quite easy to adjust them to the right height with just a pair of scissors.

When used as curtains, they have similar light filtering and privacy features that sheer fabrics have. By contrast, the ability to walk through them make them good room dividers for many settings – office environments, events, exhibitions, hotels, restaurants, bars, parties and even weddings! As a note of precaution, they should only be used with adult supervision when small children are present, to avoid any incidents.

In terms of looks, the heading styles available for fringe curtains include single pinch pleat, double pleat, triple pleat, standard tape and pencil pleat. Fabric options for these curtains come in a range of at least 16 colours and include features like fire resistance. In addition, they are lightweight and can be easily rolled to a small volume. This makes them easier to transport than standard curtains. For the best manual operation, we recommend a smooth gliding curtain track such as the Silent Gliss 1280, which was chosen for this project.

Below, some shots of the finished installation.

Fringe Curtains on a Silent Gliss 1280 Curtain Track


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