Case study – Boulevard Theatre, Roller Blinds & Blindspace

Boulevard Theatre- Lutron Roller Blinds in Blindspace Boxes

We recently completed a project for Boulevard Theatre, known as the ‘Newest playhouse’ in the always busy and exciting SOHO area of London.

Because of the installation’s sophisticated style, the window treatments needed to have a modern look and feel. Moreover, the ability to filter and block light was just as important.
Hence, we used a combination of Lutron roller blinds, with their tracks concealed in Blindspace boxes. Specifically, the chosen blinds were Lutron Sivoia QS Electric Roller Blind Systems in fabrics specified by the responsible architect. The blinds’ bottom bars were sealed and covered in matching fabric.
To make the tracks ‘disappear’, we used Blindspace Powder Coated Headboxes, cut to size in site to ensure perfect fitting.

Having addressed the ‘look’ part of the installation, the ‘feel’ part needed us to ensure smooth electric operation. For this, we connected the blinds to the existing power sources and provided full AV integration.

To finalise, we conducted client training and demonstration, ensuring they would be able to use the products correctly for the years to come.

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