Smart System by Silent Gliss

Smart home Shading Systems by Silent Gliss

In order to stay up to date with the latest technologies in terms of automation and centralised control, our team received an in-depth training session from Silent Gliss.

The session was expertly set up and led by Silent Gliss’s Channel Manager in UK. We had the chance to see a live demonstration of three blinds being controlled with the Smart system.

How Smart by Silent Gliss works

Silent Gliss Smart works as a control system that can integrate with services such as lighting, heating and audio. The solution was designed to give you more comfort, energy efficiency, convenience and precise control. For instance, it allows blinds to close according to the level of sunlight throughout the day, which also helps avoid overheating your home on warm days and prevent heat loss during cold ones.

In terms of integration, the Smart system was designed to integrate with the all major home control systems and is compatible with Control4, Rako, KNX and Creston. Its two-way integration enables complex settings, which include bottom bar alignment, scenes and up-synchronisation. The latter feature means that if one of the blinds in a group is lower, it will ‘catch up’ the other ones to come up at the same time. This can be seen on one of the videos below.

The whole system can be accessed, configured and controlled via a web interface. This means you can access it from a standard web browser, even on mobile devices, although it is most comfortable to use a laptop. The installation can be considered moderately technical, but the included help and diagrams are intuitive enough for standard users.

The Smart system can control:

The training in pictures

You can download the product brochure here (please log in first):

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