Case study – house in Royal Connaught Park

Royal Connaught Park - Outside Front

In one of our most comprehensive residential projects in the past months, we supplied and installed:

An overview of Royal Connaught Park

Built a century ago, designed originally by Victorian architects, what once was The Royal Masonic School for Boys, is today the Royal Connaught Park. The buildings are remarkable from an architectural and landscaping standpoint, winner of multiple awards and set in a beautiful natural landscape, the area covers 100 acres of parkland.
The location has hosted hundreds of popular films, such as Harry Potter, and of TV series. Nowadays it is a residential development with converted and newly-built apartments.

The house

We did the installation for one of the newer constructions. The medium-sized house is 2 floors, with two separate occupants in each half.


The bright entrance leads to the upper floor on the left side, the TV lounge room just below, the dining room and kitchen in front and the guest bathroom on the right. We installed a hand-operated sheer Roman blind on the left window.

Main Bedroom

The main bedroom located upstairs has a wide window, from which light can either enter through sheer Roller blinds or be blocked by the blackout Roman blind. Both are electrically operated with a wall switch.

Second bedroom

The second room is upstairs and on the front of the house, so we can see the sloping roof on the left, which leaves a small window on the right hand side. On it we installed a sheer Roller blind and a blackout Roman blind, both manually operated.

Third bedroom

The third bedroom sits next to the main bedroom, on the right hand side of the house. The light enters through a mid-sized window, where we installed a blackout Roman blind and a sheer roller blind, both manually operated.

Kitchen and dining room

The luxurious kitchen features a mini bar, a dining table and is merged on the right with the kitchen. The handmade blackout curtain covers the sliding doors leading to the garden on the back of the house. Under them are two sheer Roller blinds. Both are electrically controlled with the wall switch below. The kitchen window is covered with a sheer, hand operated Roller blind and a blackout Roman blind.

TV lounge

The TV lounge features two entrances, one connecting to the main entrance and the other connected to the dining room. For the best light control, we installed blackout curtains with a sheer Roller blind behind. The curtain track is fully flushed with the walls, ensuring complete darkness. Both are electrically operated with a wall switch.


The bathrooms had frosted windows for privacy, which made it unnecessary to install sheer Roller blinds. We installed blackout Roman blinds in both cases.

The installation was quick and everything was made to measure.

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