Shutter Blinds – 10 questions to know whether they are the right choice

We recently provided and fitted a set of S:CRAFT Full Height Shutter Blinds in a cosy home, located in the outskirts of London.

Specifically, we supplied a set of shutters for a front bay window, a large window and a small window. All shutters were Full Height, Material Antigua with Pure White 76mm Louvres, Silent Tilt Rod and Stainless Steel Hinges.

The choice in this case was mainly aesthetic, but the features are the same you would enjoy on this S:CRAFT product range.

Are Shutter blinds a good fit for your windows?

Sometimes people are hesitant to go for shutters to cover their windows because they fear that they are bulky or complicated to install. While it really depends on the brand and product you’re using, these particular S:CRAFT shutters only took us a couple of hours to install – an easy job for one of our fitters.

Full height shutter blinds are also known as, plantation blinds or plantation shutters. They got this name from the old plantations in the South, where the louvres were wider than traditional shutters and the shutters were put on the outside of the house. These were movable shutters, used for decoration and external protection when closed.

10 ways to know whether Shutters are the right choice:
  1. Are your windows square or rectangular?
  2. Are your windows at least 55cm tall?
  3. Do the blinds play a key role in the overall interior appearance?
  4. Is it for a home or business environment?
  5. Do you need to be able to completely reveal the window glass behind?
  6. Is noise an important factor to consider?
  7. Do you require a wide choice of materials and colours?
  8. Do you need the blind to fit inside or outside the recess?
  9. Are you looking for a heating insulation solution?
  10. Is energy saving important for you?

If you answered yes to at least 5 of these questions, shutters might be the right choice for you!

We recommend S:CRAFT in particular because of its quality, flexibility and general convenience. For instance, their Full Height Shutters are made from hardwood all the way through to water-resistant  A common type of polymer. There are available in 6 kinds, originally named after the islands of Sumatra, Java, Fiji, Cuba, Bermuda and Antigua.

Most of them are available in over 20 colours, and Antigua is available in 9 colours.

For more details about all the internal blinds options we provide, please check out our Internal Blinds page.

Got more questions?

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