How it looks to have a Hirschman In Line Connector on Electrically Operated Products

Electrically operated roller blind with surface-mounted in-line connector

Having electrically operated blinds or curtain tracks installed is typically a source of concerns for new clients. They want to know:

• How to ensure the product is installed safely
• In the event of warranty or product failure, how we ensure the product can be easily disconnected
• Product isolation: How we ensure this when connecting it
• How we can easily re-set the limits on where the blind or curtain starts and stops

Most customers are probably not aware of this In-Line Hirschman connector. However, as a standard, we install these on almost all motorised products. If your blind is recessed into a box or pelmet, you won’t see it. If not, it could be visible and it is important to note. We provide this component is provided with all Silent Gliss blinds. Due to its importance, we have adopted it for other products as well.

For more details on product technical specifications, we freely provide downloadable guides it in our Specification Tool > Roller Blinds > Electrically Operated section.


Hopefully in this short article we have addressed some common concerns involving electric systems for blinds and curtain tracks.

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