Lutron European Experience Centre in London

Lutron Experience Center

After years of successful collaboration, we have proudly become one of Lutron’s largest Main Dealers. Yet, since they are always innovating, we decided to get our newest team members up to date on their latest solutions. For this reason, we arranged a visit to the Lutron European Experience and Training Centre in London a few weeks ago. We were kindly given a short guided tour by Matt Jacks, Experience Centre Leader.

In about an hour, we had the chance to see and interact with a variety of their products. By the end of it, we had a better understanding and appreciation of the value they create. They don’t just cover windows, they enhance your experience with light at home, in the office and elsewhere.

To make things even better, the weather allowed for a well-lit day, ideal for the proper demonstration of all the features of products such as UV-filtering blinds, Venetians and blackout curtains.

Main area

We started our tour in the main office space near the entrance, where we could see an array of sheer dark blinds as well as a couple of white blackout blinds. The dark fabrics were similar in appearance but different in the shadows they each cast. Matt used a digital infrared thermometer to instantly show us the impressive drop in temperature from one fabric to the next, from most to least opaque. This impacts not only room lighting, but also energy saving.

On the wall to the left was a samples library, containing dozens of samples. Each fabric nicely wraps around a frame which makes the whole look a bit like a book with a modern touch. The shelf also had an unexpected feature: a smartly integrated back-lit white screen that simulates daylight at different times of the day, from dawn to dusk. This way, we were able to see the effectiveness of each fabric at blocking light or letting it through.

Standard bedroom

The second stop, at the opposite end of the showroom, was a bedroom with decoration reminiscent of a sea ambience. Here, the tall windows were dressed with sheer curtains on the outer layer. Sitting on the chair by the entrance, we saw an Amazon Alexa device, which let us know the tracks were compatible with voice control integration.

Dining room

We then walked into an adjacent dining room, where the bay windows were covered with remote-controlled, white, wooden Venetians. As was the case with the blinds from the first room, the motor was completely silent. Lutron, has gained a reputation for this over the years, but ironically it often goes unnoticed. However, as Matt says, when people ask for an electric solution, very often they forget about noise and durability.

So, imagine having a set of  brand-new blinds installed in your bedroom, only to discover on the first night they will wake up your kids with a horrible motor noise every time you want to go to bed. And then have them come up and down at ever slowing speeds, due to continuous use after a few months. Nightmare, isn’t it?

Fear not, however, as this is something Lutron and ourselves take care of during our sales process. We think ahead so you have the best and most durable solution.

Hotel room

The last room we entered was a replica of a modern 5-star hotel bedroom. Curtains were lined, triple pinch pleat, blackout curtains in dark fabric, with sheer roller blinds on the inner layer. On the ceiling was a small, hardly noticeable white device, which acted as a motion sensor. As Matt explained, Lutron has a patented wireless system which detects when you are in the room and when you’re not, allowing you to control your blinds and curtains without even having to touch anything.

The finishing touches

Finally, back at the entrance, we saw an array of their latest remote control devices, laying on the main desk. When it comes to technology, Lutron certainly stands out both in quality and in diversity of applications. They have been working on ground-breaking innovations in the domain of home automation and AV applications. One of them, to be released in late 2018, promises compatibility with a wide variety of smart home solutions, including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, Honeywell Wi-fi Thermostats, Nest and Sonos. Once installed, you will be able to smoothly control virtually all of your devices – curtain tracks, blinds, lighting, heating and many others using a single app.

In conclusion

All in all, it was definitely a worthy visit for us, where we could learn about and experience Lutron’s products directly from the source.

If you’ve been considering using their products, just get in touch and we’ll assist you the best we can.
We source all products directly from them rather than using adapted, fabricated options. This means you will get the best quality as well as the best service.

Do you have any experience with Lutron? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to learn about it.

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