Dimout / Blackout Blinds

Shading Specialists Limited offer a full range of Dim-out blackout blinds. Dim-out blinds are a Roller blind with a headbox and side channels, this with a blackout fabric means that when the blind is in the fully closed position, the room is completely dark. With a normal conventional roller blind, the sun shines through the sides of the blind, this is a full blackout option. Take a look at one of the PDF’s for an idea of what the system looks like and how it works.  These include:-

  • Chain Operated Dim-out / Blackout Blinds
  • Electrically Operated Dim-out / Blackout Blinds


Silent Gliss Dimout / Blackout Blinds

Either 4710, 4730, 4740, 4760, 4770, 4780.  Silent Gliss are known as a reliable, very high end and designer system throughout the industry and the world.  They offer a range of chain operated, crank operated or electrically operated Dim-out / Blackout blinds which can be operated via a wall switch or remote control.  The electric blinds can be integrated into AV Home Automation systems.


Diaz Dimout / Blackout Blinds

Diaz also offer a range of Blackout blinds, and when used in conjunction with a zipper there is no opening between the fabric and side guide.  There is also a brush on the bottom of the hem bar which is partly in the cassette which makes the connection between cassette and hem bar more beautiful.


SHY Dimout / Blackout Blinds

Shy ZIP blinds can be installed in multiple applications including dim-out shading, light control, insect screens.  Can also be used as room dividers and in home cinemas.  Available with head box and side channels in white or black as standard, for a complete blackout effect using their blackout fabric.

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